Vine Fest Rock Show Conventions

Bring Back The Gold written and produced by Nathan Hemple.

Small Town Vine Fest

Alex Whitney of GGGrapevine sang this cover song Hang Mans Daughter @ the Dragons Lair show - summer of 2010 Malad Idaho. Alex was just recovering from a cold, but did a great job. Alex is a founding agent musician of Great Glorious Grapevine and a true follower of the Vinelord's musical network. You can graft your self into the Grapevine by request. Or find a Grapevine Empire member and asked to be sponsored.

Home jam in the Basement Vine Fest

A Basement small Vine Fest in the Layton home, Bear River, Utah.
GGGrapevine Jam with Alex Whitney on Guitar, Kurly Joe Smith on Bass, Eli Jones vocals, and Cody Layton on Drums.

2011 (c) The Grapevine @ Bear River, Utah Layton Home.

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