GREAT GLORIOUS GRAPEVINE Inc. is the inspired creation of Troy Mills. The title "Vinelord" seems appropriate for a person who wants to be one with the God Head. Grapevine for short is a stand in holy places event calendar network marketing advertising platform product called Vine Fest. People as GGG Agents earn commissions through network marketing by way of a forced 2up commissions through Vine Fest event ad sales. By building a synergy scripture study dinner scene and hosting the Grapevine opportunity through Vine Fest events locally worldwide. Grapevine's network gives people as GGG Agents monetary support for the christian movement by paying a $25 wholesale override commission on Event Calendar ad sales to the GGG Agents through a powerful Forced 2up commission plan. Every one can get started for as little as $75 a month. This fee pays for your ad profile manager software so you can run your own Vine Fest ad sales business and strengthen the Christian community commercially by helping people come together in unofficial ways, but a enjoyable uplifting gathering to learn the good news of Christ by hosted dinner parties and scripture study. Use this software to list your own Vine Fest event or resale the unlimited ad space. This monthly purchase of ad space and sponsoring three people as agents that you mentor will qualify you for override commissions. You can put in the calendar unlimited ad event listings. You can set your own resale price, its your advertising business and you keep all the profits. Hosting your own Vine Fest can help you pay for your overhead and fulfill your dreams with your friends by following the Grapevines pattern and living a independent free life style. GGG Agents make override commissions on the ad sales of their down lines infinite generations worldwide. This makes it possible to earn a profitable living inviting people to a Vine Fest and sponsoring them into Great Glorious Grapevine as GGG Agents. Share the successes of each others accomplishments. The "Grapevine" keeps growing 24/7 year after year if you sponsor only three key people and activate one event in the Vine Fest calendar It's that simple. Great history is in the making of the Vinelord's revolution of wealth by united Christians. Water in one place and grow a great glorious grapevine. We are I am. See you at Vine Fest.




A- Start by JOINING Grapevine. You can list unlimited ad's and retail them at a price you set. You keep all the profits!

B- Make a list of names, then sponsor 3 key people as your alliance event Agents.

C- Teach and help your 3 new Agents to sponsor 3 Agents.

D- Put a event listing in the vinefest calendar as soon as you receive your back office.

E- Get together with your 3 Agents weekly. Share the Grapevine with one contact a day and make event listing sales.

F- Spend your commission money on your down line by having small or large Vine Fests often.  Invite everyone to Vine Fest and go to Vine Fest often. Follow the Vinelord's Pattern.

G- Prayerfully water your grapevine by making sure your 3 people have completed these steps. Failure is so subtle, don't over look the steps. God bless you.


Follow after my pattern and explore the links listed. You will find opportunity to make great wealth and secure worldwide sovereign freedom. Do as I do, nothing more or less.

For your health Join Youngevity here.

For your wealth get bitcoin here.

For your exaltation learn of Jesus the Christ here.

For your Freedom to listen to real news here.  


Ask, seek, knock and open. Remember to water in one place. St John 15:5. I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.


Seven steps to plant in your heart to cultivate a free life.

1 . Separate yourself from the crowd stand one with God.

2 . As you awake each day, seal your day to live only in the day's moment.

3 . Go the extra mile, leave nothing undone listen to your heart in the moment.

4 . Look for the seed of good in every adversity, what good can come from your

setbacks you suffer. Act on the path you see in love and hope.

5 . Magnify yourself, see to the small details of your day, do it now.

6 . Do not just do your busy work, do what the day needs most of you.

7 . Never allow anyone drag you down to a faithless level, trust yourself.


Great Glorious Grapevine, Inc.
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